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8/08/2018 QLD - Bond, Operation Bond
Make sure your tenant bonds are lodged. more...

7/08/2018 NSW - Swimming Pools
Changes to pool regulations that came into effect on 1 September 2018. more...

25/07/2018 Disqualification and jail sentence for thieving Inner West agent
A real estate agent in Sydney's Inner West has been convicted of stealing over $200,000 worth of clients' rental bonds. more...

6/06/2018 Thornbury renters ordered to repay landlord $5000 after lease bungle

25/05/2018 NSW - New residential tenancy laws to bolster protections for victims of domestic violence
Proposed tenancy changes. Tenants can terminate their agreement immediately and cannot be listed on a tenant database. more...

I recently made a post about a new website 'Don't Rent Me' that sparked a lot of interest in managing negative reviews. I hope this article assists in responding to negative reviews. more...

13/02/2018 SA - New reforms will be introduced regarding the management of trust monies and mandatory training for property managers
New laws for property managers will increase protections for landlords and tenants and provide greater transparency in property management transactions. The new laws will only apply to people employed as property managers, and not people who manage properties for themselves or a relative. more...

6/12/2017 The Explosion of Meth Labs in Rental Properties
This is an article that I wish never had to be written as it is going to have huge implications for property owners. more...

4/12/2017 How to stand out and win an award
Receiving an award is one of the most sought after career goals for property management team members and agencies and making the finalist list could be easier than you think. more...

17/10/2017 Dealing With Difficult Tenants And Landlords
Have you ever had to deal with a difficult tenant or landlord during the day-to-day management of your properties? more...

2/07/2017 QLD - Meth labs and clean ups
Methamphetamine labs creating a nightmare for property managers and owners. more...

2/07/2017 QLD - Who is responsible for mould in a rental property?
This article is very generalised and not sure it actually answers the question. It's a grey area (or black or green) and the cause of mould is a commonly asked question when it comes to maintenance of a rental property. more...

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